There are no fancy tricks to succeeding in Forex it takes a solid strategy and sticking to it. With this system, you can start whenever you like or as soon as you are ready.

Forex Innovator is a trading system based on strong support and resistance levels offering you the possibility to trade 15 different pairs. It works in any session and is not news sensitive. It claims low draw-downs so your capital should be under less risk.


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For this system, you will be given a detailed manual with video to instruct you and software for indicators which use classical analysis. There will be forums, chat rooms and access to the lead strategist. It is designed for traders to learn to trade, can be seen as a course and is based very much on practice to get you started on your forex trading very fast.

Forex Innovator Features:

  • Manual trading strategy built to teach a person how to trade, not just tell them when to open and close a trade.
  • Not a typical buy and sell system
  • Forex Innovator is similar to using classical trading analysis such as support and resistance, RSI, Stoch and Fibonacci.

Indicators included use classical analysis, but are grouped into one and setup easily with a proven method of success.

You can expect to see live trading proof, investor access, a live account using this system by their lead strategist, video proof, withdrawal statements, and  testimonials from other customers they have allowed to test their product!

Visit Forex Innovator Home Page

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