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Today was another huge day for us in the Forex Arbitrage traderoom with large gains in the EURUSD and Crude Oil.  The EJ continues to struggle as it has reached extreme price levels and 10 year lows.  I think I will be replacing the EJ with another forex market.  I'm sure it will continue to be profitable but I believe we'll do better with something else.  I think I'm going to introduce some Forex Arbitrage trading to our Live Traderoom mix.  Stay tuned..

We had fast sessions with the above mentioned winning markets this morning.  The EURUSD was a slow patient trade but it was the only trade we took, netting us +299 pips and what is shaping up to be an excellent week for Forex Arbitrage Daytraders.

You might say we got a monster trade on Crude Oil too.  We were able to grab an .88 trade to open our session.  I decided to play it real safe with the 2nd trade, especially when we missed our money mgt level by just 1 tick.  Not being in a hurry to give back our profits from the first trade, I decided we should lock in a tick, take the risk off the 2nd trade and then see if we could get to the full target.  The trade turned against us and we got out of the way, covering our commissions and settling for a .90, $900 gain to end the 17 minute session.  It turned out to be a good decision because after the extended move down, CL began to consolidate and chop around.  We would have give back our earnings only to trade into some more winners.  I didn't do the math but it appears we would have ended up about the same but after a lot more work.  No thanks!  I love being able to take the money and run.

Yesterday Forex Arbitrage gained .44, the day before that +1.22 and Monday we got .52.  That's on the heels of a +1.15 Friday to end the 3rd quarter and month of September.  CL had a real hard losing session last Thursday but since then, as we so often see, CL has won 14 of the last 15 trades and is on a 5 session winning streak for +4.23, $4,230! 

Considiering the challenges we were faced with Forex Arbitrage today, I'm happy with our session as most of our futures and forex trading ended positive and victorious.  I use the word victorious because we had to put our faith and belief completely in the Forex Arbitrage trade method and just LEAN ON THE SYSTEM!  In so doing, we were able to post respectable gains (awesome gains on some markets) on 4 of our 5 charts. 

The bloodiest battle that Forex Arbitrage had to fight, ultimately power our way back from a Bernanke Testimony Day session. Especially after the huge haircut the markets took yesterday, that we were in for a serious challenge.  For newbies just becoming acquainted with our our traderoom and the Forex Arbitrage , I'm sure it was an eye opener.  For the Forex Arbitrage Traders, with a firm foundation and belief structure in place, it was just a matter of detaching oneself and taking the next trade.  Also of course, paying attention and executing properly.  The market went through its maniacal moments today.  In the end, the Forex Arbitrage  fought its way back and ended with Power of Quitting goals, +2.1 points. Yesterday we gained +6.4, so were are nicely positive this week with +8.3 points.  We are just a few points below our all time record profit levels.

The other hard fought battle that Forex Arbitrage had to fight today was in EJ.  It was a back and forth fight.  We caught a couple good winners in the end but still wound up negative, -52 Pips.  But the EURUSD sure came through for us.  After a breakeven trade (-2) and a small losing trade (-28), we were able to pick up a strong +75 pip winner and ended the session with our 2nd winning session in a row to start October and the 4th quarter, +45 pips for the session. 

The two rockstars of the session were Crude Oil and Wheat Futures.  Crude Oil finished with another strong perfomance, two trades, two winners, Power of Quitting and +1.22 on the session, $1,220.  It is on a 4 session winning streak, going 2 for 2 in each of the last four sessions, since it kicked us in the shins last Thursday.  Here's something to help bolster your belief in the Forex Arbitrage.  Since one of the hardest sessions all year (last Thursday), Crude Oil as come surging back, winning ALL trades and posting over $3 in profits; over $3000.  I say it all the time and here is another case in point, the Forex Arbitrage recovers quickly but you have to have your foundation in place, your belief structure in place, if you hope to benefit from its fast recoveries.  The best trades follow the hardest sessions.  Don't miss them.

Wheat, like yesterday, finished lightening fast and we were done within 13 minutes of trading.  We grabbed +9.25 points, $412.50 to add to our +10.5 from yesterday.  4 trades, 4 winners, 13 minutes per day, and +19.75 points richer at $50 per point.

The moral of this story is that it takes an unwavering belief in the system to hang in there, on the right side of the chart, when the bullets are flying around, to take the next trade and to then benefit, from the winning edge that the Forex Arbitrage gives us.  This belief structure requires work and effort to develop but for those who take the time to go through the process, the rewards will be there.

Thursday, 22 September 2011 18:28

Forex Arbitrage New Record Profit levels

The Forex Arbitrage has done it again?  After a brief pause last week, that actually was a week that was doing great but then stumbled momentarily on options expiration Friday (no surprise there..), the Forex Arbitrage  has come roaring back with back, to back, to back, to back winning sessions; + 2.2, + 3.3, + 3.6, and + 8.8 for a total so far this week of + 17.9 points and all new record profit levels.  In fact, it has only had three losses all week with a great mix of longs, shorts, basic setups, reentries, reversals and of course, the all important Forex Arbitrage trades.  Today was a breeze!  Two trades, two winners, +8.8 points, done in 11 minutes!!

I haven't talked a lot about the Forex Arbitrage but that'snot because it isn't doing great.  It is!  Being a Forex Arbitrage Trader, there are just way too many opportunities and there's only so much I can follow.  While in Europe though, I thought it would be a great time to really focus in on the many Forex Arbitrage opportunities taking place during this time zone and while looking at the Forex Arbitrage, I couldn't help but be impressed (yet again) with the quality of trades that are being identified on any given market.

Take this week on the EURJPY 5 minute chart, for example.  Talk about keeping it simple.  Today was an easy one and done trade for a nifty +19 pips.  But the entire week it has been hitting these type of high percentage base hits. 

The Forex Arbitrage  hits steady gainers.  I can make a great case for moving to Paris!!  Of course, I'd have to convince my wife and kids who are quite content living in the SF Bay Area, but living here would give the best of all worlds as far as trading goes.

Think of it.  With the Forex Arbitrage, one can employ a variety of brief, and to the point tradeplans which would offer high percentage winners and a great basket of diversification.  A one or two trade approach with the EURJPY would be part of that mix.  So would the same sort of approach with Crude Oil Futures.  EURUSD?  Of course!  One or two trades in a handful of markets, each with its own winning edge would keep any trader busy for a few hours each morning.  Then, why not return in the afternoon for a couple hours of trading during the New York Session.  A bottle of bordeax, a freshly baked hot out of the oven baguette, some french cheese, pate..  Oui, oui!!  I can get used to that!

Forex Arbitrage : EURUSD scored over +1000 pips these past 30 days and one has to wonder about the so-called Dawg Day of August as being something to worry about.  I would love to get a repeat of the infamous Dawg Days each and every month.  Not just on the EURUSD, but on just about ALL the markets that I personally follow and from what I am hearing from other traders, many other markets as well.

Heres a brief recap of the results we were getting in the LIVE Traderoom with the Forex Arbitrage.  It's a great commentary because it it a diverse group of markets and illustrates how a powerful trade system can produce when teamed up with well thought out tradeplans.

These results reflect the typical two position approach we use with the Forex Arbitrage.  Forex trades have estimated spread costs already taken out.  Futures are just gross point totals and have not deducted commission or slippage.

EURUSD; +960 pips; (+1039 if we also count our first day, which was the last day of July)

Of course you know by now that the markets experienced some wild swings and following the landslide, a rocket ship rally ensued.  Again, the Forex Arbitrage had us in long positions prior to the rally and we banked significant profits again.  One trade I wrote about, a long in AMZN (Amazon) Sep 190 call options, made us an 83% return in three days.  That was just a simple position that we exited at target.  Trailers and the famous Forex Arbitrage Add-on position banked even more.  It was very profitable, obviously with a huge ROI in just a matter of days.  An 83% annual return is phenominal under any circumstance.  This 83% return was NOT an annual return though.  IT WAS A THREE DAY RETURN!!  There were so many others.  Far too numerous to list here.

Using our signature Forex Arbitrage FX EURUSD 5 minute tradeplan, we finished up a respectable +219 pips in our LIVE Traderoom this week with very controlled trading.  Actually, it could have been quite a bit more but I decided to play it conservative and limit our trading yesterday, due to the Bernanke testimony.  We had already booked a nicely profitable week and had just finished another winner, so I decided to sit on our one and done session and close the week with +219.  Considering that we have already booked over +1000 pips this month, it seemed like a good idea. 

What I love about Forex Arbitrage  tradeplan is that it is so simple and it uses a 5 minute chart so it can easily be traded with the MT4 platform.  It produces a few good trades per day and has really stood the test of time.  Obviously, there are so many choices to trade, and many other excellent Forex Arbitrage FX choices, both daytrade and swingtrade charts.

Forex Arbitrage off to another great start this week, gaining +89 pips today with our dynamic Forex duo, EURUSD and EURJPY.  But, we are also up across the board with our other markets, too.  Over the past two days, we have gained profits using our tight and concise Forex Arbitrage style of trading combined with our tried and true tradeplans.  Here is a quick rundown of what happened these past two sessions:

Forex Arbitrage EURUSD: Yesterday we won two out of three but the trades were small and the end result was breakeven.  In fact, by my math, we lost 2 pips on the session.  Today, we won 2 out of two posting +60 pips.  

Forex Arbitrage EURJPY:  Yesterday we lost 46 pips.  We were only able to win 1 out of 5 trades, losing three and breaking even on 1.  Today we gained +26 pips, winning 2 out of 3.  We are up +256 pips since July 29th.  This has been a long term winnnig market and tradeplan for us but it is competing with some heavy hitters and is our least successful market to date.  While I anticipate it will continue to successfully produce for us, I may replace this market for something with a bit more juice in the battery pack.  Stay tuned.. 

Crude Oil Futures:  Yesterday we gained .19.  Today, it appeared we had traded to a positive result in the traderoom but after running the numbers, it appears we ended down, -.03.  Forex Arbitrage Members were able to keep trading the Owner's Club tradeplan and would have traded to a big profitable result as more winners followed our live session.  That is one of the biggest advantages to owning the Forex Arbitrage.  I can give you a fish, or I can teach you how to fish.  The traderoom results are up +9.90 ($9900) since July 29th.

Forex Arbitrage : We had more big profits across many markets.  Forex markets took a pause today during the US session with a down day on both the EJ and EU.  Both markets ended nicely higher for the week though.

Our futures trading continues to do great things for us.  After a hard down day last Friday on the Forex Arbitrage and then on Crude Futures this past Wednesday, we have charged back to near all time profit levels again.  Today, the Forex Arbitrage ended up +14.9 points and ended the week up, +19 points.  That's $1,900.  We have put last Friday's kick to the shins firmly in the rear view mirror.

Same thing with Crude Futures.  We ended today up +1.43 and ended the week up, +3.38 for $3,338.

We took a pause with Wheat futures these past two sessions, due to low volume and the rollover to the December contract.  We ended the week firmly positive with +14.25 points.

That's just a quick recap.  The purpose of this post though was to highlight some of our stock and etf swing trades.  The Forex Arbitrage is an awesome swingtrader and the tradeplans that we have published on the Forex Arbitrage Owner's Club are hitting homeruns all over the place.  These next few charts will show you what I mean.

Forex Arbitrage : Yesterday, Crude Futures gained + 1.16 and we are already up +3.08 for the week!!  That's after gaining + 3.14 last week.  The last six sessions Crude Futures have gained + 1.17, + .50, + 1.37, + .96, + 1.16 and + 1.92.  You gotta love the Forex Arbitrage.

Forex traders were happy, too.  The EURJPY has been the star this week, so far.  Yesterday, we won two our of three for a modest +24 pips.  Today, we hit a nice long winner for +47 pips and then broke even on a 2nd trade.  After spread we actually lost a few pips.  Net result today was + 43.

Forex Arbitrage EURUSD didn't give us a trade yesterday.  Prior to our start time, it had launched on a huge rally.  We dont chase markets and were unable to get a setup.  Today, we adjusted our entry and got into a long trade which stopped out for a small loss,  3 pips per position.  I called a late session trade and Forex Arbitrage Traders were able to self manage their positions for a nice pop in price which led to a full target.  The trailer got out 2 pips lower, for an end result of + 46 pips on the session.

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