Friday, 19 August 2011 18:17

More Big Profits Across Many Markets with Forex Arbitrage

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Forex Arbitrage : We had more big profits across many markets.  Forex markets took a pause today during the US session with a down day on both the EJ and EU.  Both markets ended nicely higher for the week though.

Our futures trading continues to do great things for us.  After a hard down day last Friday on the Forex Arbitrage and then on Crude Futures this past Wednesday, we have charged back to near all time profit levels again.  Today, the Forex Arbitrage ended up +14.9 points and ended the week up, +19 points.  That's $1,900.  We have put last Friday's kick to the shins firmly in the rear view mirror.

Same thing with Crude Futures.  We ended today up +1.43 and ended the week up, +3.38 for $3,338.

We took a pause with Wheat futures these past two sessions, due to low volume and the rollover to the December contract.  We ended the week firmly positive with +14.25 points.

That's just a quick recap.  The purpose of this post though was to highlight some of our stock and etf swing trades.  The Forex Arbitrage is an awesome swingtrader and the tradeplans that we have published on the Forex Arbitrage Owner's Club are hitting homeruns all over the place.  These next few charts will show you what I mean.

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