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Tuesday, 16 August 2011 17:14

Forex Arbitrage - Up and Down Day Leads to Handsome Profits

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Forex Arbitrage : Yesterday, Crude Futures gained + 1.16 and we are already up +3.08 for the week!!  That's after gaining + 3.14 last week.  The last six sessions Crude Futures have gained + 1.17, + .50, + 1.37, + .96, + 1.16 and + 1.92.  You gotta love the Forex Arbitrage.

Forex traders were happy, too.  The EURJPY has been the star this week, so far.  Yesterday, we won two our of three for a modest +24 pips.  Today, we hit a nice long winner for +47 pips and then broke even on a 2nd trade.  After spread we actually lost a few pips.  Net result today was + 43.

Forex Arbitrage EURUSD didn't give us a trade yesterday.  Prior to our start time, it had launched on a huge rally.  We dont chase markets and were unable to get a setup.  Today, we adjusted our entry and got into a long trade which stopped out for a small loss,  3 pips per position.  I called a late session trade and Forex Arbitrage Traders were able to self manage their positions for a nice pop in price which led to a full target.  The trailer got out 2 pips lower, for an end result of + 46 pips on the session.

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