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Another Bonus with Forex Arbitrage During the European Session

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I haven't talked a lot about the Forex Arbitrage but that'snot because it isn't doing great.  It is!  Being a Forex Arbitrage Trader, there are just way too many opportunities and there's only so much I can follow.  While in Europe though, I thought it would be a great time to really focus in on the many Forex Arbitrage opportunities taking place during this time zone and while looking at the Forex Arbitrage, I couldn't help but be impressed (yet again) with the quality of trades that are being identified on any given market.

Take this week on the EURJPY 5 minute chart, for example.  Talk about keeping it simple.  Today was an easy one and done trade for a nifty +19 pips.  But the entire week it has been hitting these type of high percentage base hits. 

The Forex Arbitrage  hits steady gainers.  I can make a great case for moving to Paris!!  Of course, I'd have to convince my wife and kids who are quite content living in the SF Bay Area, but living here would give the best of all worlds as far as trading goes.

Think of it.  With the Forex Arbitrage, one can employ a variety of brief, and to the point tradeplans which would offer high percentage winners and a great basket of diversification.  A one or two trade approach with the EURJPY would be part of that mix.  So would the same sort of approach with Crude Oil Futures.  EURUSD?  Of course!  One or two trades in a handful of markets, each with its own winning edge would keep any trader busy for a few hours each morning.  Then, why not return in the afternoon for a couple hours of trading during the New York Session.  A bottle of bordeax, a freshly baked hot out of the oven baguette, some french cheese, pate..  Oui, oui!!  I can get used to that!

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