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Thursday, 23 February 2012 07:31

The Japanese Currency Weakened To A Seven-Month Low Additionally

The Japanese currency weakened to a seven-month low against the U.S. dollar as the highest yield premium on Treasuries when compared with Japanese debt since August damped the appeal of yen-denominated assets.

The Japanese yen fell for the fifth consecutive day, which is considered the lowest level since last April, after a report showed sales of previously owned U.S. homes rose to the highest in almost two years, bolstering expectations for growth in North America. It has weakened 3.7 percent since the Bank of Japan on Feb. 14 unexpectedly expanded its asset-purchase program.

This move is pretty significant for the nation's growth, as the chronic yen's appreciation also hurt the Japanese manufacturers along with Thailand's floods that disrupted production, while energy imports because of nuclear shutdowns lead to the first annual trade deficit since 1980.

As, the yen's strength over the past period made it nearly impossible for the Japanese companies to export, the more the companies sell the more they lose money, as the current account and the trade balance data, which released today showed that the nation's exports is negatively affected by the strong yen and the global slowdown in demand.

Meanwhile, the BOJ-President Shirakawa stressed on the monetary policy makers to establish new goals for prices and the BoJ will take further additional steps to end the deflation that Japan is suffering from, which negatively affects the Japanese domestic spending and exports, which lately witnessed an obvious retreat that caused a deep harm for the companies that already suffering from the effects of Thai's floods so far.

Additionally , we note that the drop in the Japanese Yen in most cases remains temporarily and it will re-rise rapidly, also the yen's rise is followed by the weakness in exports, which could put pressure on the central bank to intervene again in the FX markets to sell yen in case of the yen rose again.

finally, the yen dropped 0.7% to 80.29 per dollar after falling to 80.40, the weakest level since July 11; also Japan’s currency slid 0.8 percent to 106.38 per euro, after sliding to 106.57 yen, the lowest since Nov. 14. The euro rose 0.1 percent to $1.3249.

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