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Monday, 28 November 2011 06:50

Optimism Ahead In New Zealand

The optimism is almost back to New Zealand, and despite what the trade balance showed during November, where it unexpectedly recorded a minor decrease in the trade's deficit, where narrowed to NZ$ 282 million, compared with the prior reading of NZ$-751 million, yet it considered a positive gadget amid the current global-slowdown.

Where, New Zealand's economy has released earlier today the data for the business confidence index for November, where it recorded an increased reading of 18.3, compared with the prior declined reading of 13.2.

Also, the data for the activity outlook for November as well, where it recorded an increased reading of 28.8 measured up to the former reading of 26.1.

On the other hand, the RBNZ is still preserving the interest rate at its record low of 2.50% because of the chronic fears stemming from the escalating European debt crisis, while there aren’t inflation risks threatening the economy.

Additionally, the reserve bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) had announced its expectations for the nation's 2-year inflation, where it declined to 2.8% compared with the prior reading of 2.9%,

Moreover, exports recorded a narrowed increase while imports showed a minor decline, where overseas sales of meat and dairy milk slightly increased from a year earlier as a result for the slowdown in demand from its Chinese neighbor, noting that China is considered the main importer for New Zealand’s products.

Also, producer input prices were slightly increased by 0.6% in the third quarter, which is considered the nominal increase since the fourth quarter of 2009, while the PPI output figures for the third quarter showed a huge decline of 0.2%.

As a positive conclusion, New Zealand’s dollar slightly rose against the U.S. dollar directly after the release of the trade-balance figures, where the NZD/USD pair is in upward trend and currently trading around the level of 0.7522, after it recorded its highest price at 0.7525 and lowest price at 0.7477 before the news.

Finally, we are not going to overlook and neglect the never ending European debt crisis, which is going to drag the global economy into a deep catastrophe, after Belgian's rating was cut down one step to AA instead of AA+ by S&P along with German Bonds that dropped by 35% in an auction of 10-year bunds, indicating that the debt contagion may reached Germany as well, also the IMF's warns to South America to start taking several precautions to prevent an economic crisis in the South-American region.

Amid all these effects and current facts, which are cornering the global economy especially the Asian economy, there are some speculations that the Asian economy will be able to overcome these negative radiations which are delivered by the European economy, and the question here is the Asian economy will save the global economy again or it will be dragged into the European mess?

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