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Friday, 18 November 2011 09:36

Japan's Economy Struggles To Attain Recovery

Japan's economy is facing a high wave of the global-economy slowdown on one hand and on the other hand the exporting crisis which is caused by the yen's appreciation along with Thai floods, which has worsened the crisis of Japanese companies after the earthquake of March 11.

Also, bank of Japan preserved the monetary policy unchanged in November and continued on the stimulating programs for the Japanese companies, especially those affected by Thailand's floods, the floods that contributed in disrupting the Japanese production by cutting the supply chain for the Japanese factories located in Thailand, which helped in pushing the prices of electronic products for companies such as Toshiba to rise significantly.

On the other hand, the Japanese companies fears that are almost chronic were revived again as a result of the yen's ongoing appreciation, where they complained and asked the monetary board to take efficient solutions in curbing the yen's appreciation, which is also hurting some of the banks that plan to expand in Asia and north America because of the low borrowing cost, which is near the zero levels of 0.0% and 0.10%.

Regarding this the Japanese economy is still suffering from the global slowdown which is driven by the escalating European debt crisis, yet it recorded a growth during the third quarter, reinforcing what it suffered from lately, which was the deflation that affected the nation's recovery during the prior three consecutive quarters, where it recorded a growth by 1.5% compared to the prior contraction of 0.5%.

Although, the Japanese annual industrial machines index in the October recorded an increase by 26.0% versus the prior reading of 25.9%, yet the BOJ noted that the economic recovery is moving slowly and added that it's difficult to maintain positive rates most of the time.

Also, the BOJ left its asset-buying fund unchanged with buying assets worth more than 20 trillion yens ($260 billion) along with providing loans and credit worth more than 35 trillion yens after increasing it by 5 trillion yens on October 27 to support the economy's recovery, which will make the total of the credit and loans injections in the economy equivalent to 55 trillion yens.

As a conclusion, we note that according to these variables including the declining levels of exports along with the yen's appreciation, made the BOJ to cut down its economic assessment for the Japanese economy, referring that the economy experienced a decrease in output levels driven by the slowdown of the global economy, adding that the nation's recovery is moderate affected by these symptoms.

It worth mentioning that the yen is resuming its decline since the authorized intervention by the BOJ in the FX markets on October 31 which is considered the biggest intervention in the FX markets, and in the previous week the BOJ threatened of another intervention because of the yen's appreciation that reached its highest levels since WW II.

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