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Monday, 27 February 2012 13:46

G20 Meeting Fizzles

Risk appetite firmed in the Asian session as the G20 meeting in Mexico failed to produce any meaningful results. That lack of drivers left FX markets in constricted ranges. EURUSD drifted lower from 1.3480 to 1.3432 while USDJPY slid down 60 pips to 80.96. AUDUSD dropped to 1.0660 as Australian PM Gillard defeated Rudd in a leadership race with 73-29 votes, but dont think the vote was the core driver. Asia's regional indices were mixed with Nikkei down -0.14% on the day, the Hang Seng down -0.98% (reversing earlier gains), and the Shanghai Composite leading the pack with a meager gain of 0.30%. After all the hype from Mexico was swept away, the clear take-away was that the world's leading economic powers would not send more cash to Europe until Eurozone members increased their own contributions. Quoting from the communiqué 'Euro area countries will reassess the strength of their support facilities in March. This will provide an essential input in our ongoing consideration to mobilize resources to the IMF.' Comments emulating from the meeting also highlighted the need to create a stronger financial 'firewall' before further external resources would be allocated. In a risk positve result, Chinese Deputy FinMin Zhu stated that he is convinced that the eurozone crisis can be fixed, and said China was prepared to increase assistance to resolve Europe's problems but Zhu also denied market chatter that China is would contribute $100 billion to the IMF. As for today, markets will be without 1st- tier economic data. Trader swill be watching ECB president Barroso and members Praet and Asmussen speaking and comments from EU foreign minister meeting in Brussels. In addition German lower house is scheduled to vote on Greek bailout package while Italy will auction a small amount of short term paper. But with significant event risk this week from the second round of the ECB 3yr LTRO and EU Summit we suspect t risk appetite will remained subsided…fx traders should watch the ranges.

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