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Friday, 18 November 2011 09:37

Eyes Are Still Focused On The Second Vote From The Italian Lower House

As this week comes to an end, the sentiment is still deteriorated, while pessimism is still evident in the market despite the serious steps taken by Italy and Greece to quell rising jitters and debt woes, where as this week ends political instability ends with it as Greece and Italy where able to overcome the political conflict and assigned new premiers to help the nations fight back the debt crisis.

The Italian Prime Minister, Mario Monti won a vote of confidence in the Upper House of Senates yesterday, where 281 senators were in favor of the new government and the austerity measures, while 25 were against it, and now all eyes are focused on the Lower house of Deputies to grant the new government, giving the New Premier the green light to start implementing the measures needed to support Italy to get back on track.

Pessimism spread further in the market as Europe faces now new challenge, where after the several European bonds auction seen during this week, yields rose sharply to all-time record since founding the one currency union, raising fears that the debt crisis is spreading from one country to another one within the zone in terms of rising yields.

All eyes are focused on rising yields in Europe, where sooner or later, European nations will not be able to access the capital market, and even though nations remained able to acquire funds, they will not be able to cope with rising borrowing costs, where nations have huge commitments due in the coming period, as Italy have more than 200 billion euros of maturing bonds next year, while unsustainable yields could force Italy to follow Greece's steps into the debt-trap.

Yesterday, Fitch, the rating agency explained that it might cut the Italian credit rating in case the nation became unable to access funding market; however, the new government may 'prove itself to be credible in pursuing fiscal and structural economic reform,' Fitch said in a statement.

European leaders must act as soon as possible, where we can see decisions are being made and plans are being set; however, the implementation of these decision and plans are still on hold, which renewed fears and concerns that European leaders will not act in the appropriate time to tackle the debt crisis, and in result the victim could be the entire European Union.

European leaders must implement the comprehensive plan approved in the October 26 summit, where the priority here is boosting the European Financial Stability Facility in order to control the unsustainable yields and bring them down along with preventing the debt crisis from deepening further, especially when the European Central Bank is pressured by Germany, which is still refusing the intervention of the European Central Bank, as Merkel said that ECB must be considered as the last resort.

Monti in a voice conference with the German Chancellor, and the French President (Merkel and Sarkozy) discussed in depth the economic and financial situation in the euro-area region, while the Merkel and Sarkozy welcomed Monti's 'determination to undertake with urgency any necessary action,' and provided him with full support.

In addition, they agreed on accelerating the implementation of the measures agreed on the October 26 summit, in attempts to support growth and the pace of recovery in addition to maintain financial stability and restore confidence.

Investors are complicating the situation with betting against Europe's ability to contain the crisis and trying restlessly to drive them to utilizing the ECB as last resort. Well, that remains indeed a 'LAST RESORT' yet using the ECB's arsenal means we are far away worse than just the beginning and investors betting on that now should focus on something else.

Revoking ECB action and acting as a bank for faltering nations means a breach of treaty and for that to happy the EU treaties should start to be amended and if we are to count on that, we can only remind you of the last one which took almost TWO YEARS! Let us focus on the EFSF for now before going all wild as we need a solution NOW not in anyway in the next decade!

Volatility and heavy fluctuations are highly possible today, especially with the current situation in Europe, the lack of fundamentals from major economies in addition to the awaited vote from the Italian Lower House of Deputes on the new technocratic government, also known as 'Bankers' Government', led by the former European Commissioner, Mario Monti.

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