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Friday, 16 September 2011 08:43

European TALF Or European Stability Bank - The Next Step To EU QE

In the 'Maximum Intervention' macro theme the next policy response will be something new, yet more of the same. This has been the historic reaction function of the EU. The consensus is the ECB wants the EFSF enlarged from EUR440 billion to EUR2 trillion to get ahead of the EU debt crisis. This is opposed by the Germany. Another solution is to start Quantative Easing, using the ECB to print money - similar to the US, Japan, UK and Switzerland – this is opposed, for now, by the ECB.

So, what's the proposed solution?

The European TALF or, effectively, a European Bail-out Bank. The principle is simple. The EFSF has EUR440 billion of 'capital' (it's only IOU's), but it's a nominal amount. It could be used outright or, and this is the next step, used as leverage. The EUR440 billion will, in a EFSF TALF solution, be used as collateral.

The modus operandi is then the ECB buying bonds as usual, but for every EUR100 billion they buy they will get EUR20 billion of collateral transferred from the EFSF-TALF. The EUR440 billion has become over EUR2 trillion worth of buying power. Magic!

This is the 'scheme' being discussed by Geithner and the EU in Poland today. It is, however, solving debt with more debt. But most importantly, it's full-blown QUANTATIVE EASING in Europe. The legal standing vis-à-vis Maastricht and the Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe is shaky at best, but once in place, it's harder to take it down.

I doubt the Germans will accept this – or even that the ECB will want their mandate changed directly. The Germans want Crisis 2.0 and the ECB wants the EFSF enlarged to EUR2 trillion.

I note also that Geithner and Obama met yesterday, followed by meeting of the US Stability Oversight Council (every player in the financial industy). Was this to brief on impending major changes/intervention? Or merely a normal scheduled meeting? I do not know, but the press conferences at 12.00 noon (CET) and 18.30 today could be of significance.

We have major event risk over the next 48 hours and it's more than 25% likely that the above 'extend-and-pretend' Version 10.1 will be accepted. In times of crisis, politicians do everything to gain time and hope for 'cheap' short-term solutions where cost burden is moved into the future. It's another non-solution except for the fact it buys time. The new reality.

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