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Monday, 27 February 2012 13:47

Euro Firms, Oil Surges

The euro hit a two and a half month high against the US dollar on Friday rising as high as 1.3485 from 1.3356. The G20 appear to put pressure on Germany to increase the size of the eurozone's 500 billion euro rescue fund. European officials hope that the eurozone 'firewall', called the European Stability Mechanism could be increased to ease concerns about a eurozone debt contagion. Germany is the EU's strongest economy and the biggest contributor to the EU stabilization funds but the German parliament must still approve the plan for a stronger firewall. Versus the Japanese yen, the single currency traded as high as 109.99, the highest since October 31, from 106.88. This week the market is focusing on the size of the European Central Bank's liquidity injection to the European banks.

The US dollar weakened against a basket of currencies. Economic data from the US showed New Home Sales fell by 0.9% the previous month while consumer sentiment was revised up in the February reading. Oil prices continue to move higher threatening the global economic recovery and the US Treasury Geithner said he is encouraging conversations with countries planning to cut Iranian imports. Against the Japanese yen, the dollar hit a 9-month high at 81.68 at the start of the new week from 79.98 traded on Friday. The yen weakened following a surprising decision by the Bank of Japan last week to ease its monetary policy in order to support the economy.

The Australian dollar fell against the greenback today weighed by a fragile risk sentiment in the market as well as profit taking. The Aussie took a tumble after the news that Prime Minister Julia Gillard has beaten former Prime Minister Rudd in a battle for labor party leadership. The pair fell to 1.0658 from 1.0754.

Oil prices rallied to 109.91 dollars a barrel from 107.92. Gold edged lower to 1769.50 dollars an ounce today from 1782.47. Gold rose to 1332.74 euro an ounce from 1331.69. Silver ticked lower to 35.34 dollars an ounce from 35.58

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