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Friday, 16 September 2011 08:27

Central Banks Coordinate To Support Market

U.S. Dollar Trading (US) most markets were quiet until the shock announcement that the ECB BOJ BOE and US FED were coordinating to provide European banks access to US dollars and help ease any liquidity issues that may arise in the debt crisis. Most markets shot higher and risk appetite improved with the market now expecting more support from the EU Finance meeting today. In US stocks, DJIA +186 points closing at 11433, S&P +20 points closing at 1209 and NASDAQ +34 points closing at 2607. Looking ahead, UoM Consumer Sentiment forecast at 56.4 vs. 55.7 previously.

The Euro (EUR) the Euro was the main benefiter from the central bank coordination and the EUR/USD pushed higher to 1.3900 before easing back to 1.3850 for the rest of the day. The outlook is still extremely uncertain with the EU finance ministers meeting today. The meeting is unusual with US treasury secretary also attending. Looking ahead, Day 1 ECONFIN Meeting.

The Japanese Yen (JPY) surged to Y77.30 from Y76.60 on the central bank news before easing back below Y77 on USD weakness as risk appetite picked up. EUR/JPY broke above Y106 and is creeping higher with fear receding. The crosses mostly track the stock markets and a rally from here could set a new trend higher.
The Sterling (GBP) better than expected data and the risk on rally helped the GBP/USD to 1.5860 before easing back to the 1.5800 level to close. The EUR/GBP shot higher to 0.8780 with the single currency enjoyed support from central banks. August Retail sales came in at -0.2% vs. -0.3% m/m forecast. Looking forward, Chancellor Osborne Speaks.

The Australian Dollar (AUD) the Aussie retested 1.0180 for a second day and put in a triple bottom which is normally a very solid buy indicator. The risk currency then rallied with stocks to 1.0350 and is well supported on the crosses. The outcome of the EU meeting today and tomorrow will set the tone for next week and Monday’s open.

Oil & Gold (XAU) Gold broke under $1800 on the central bank news and the slid to $1773 before bouncing and consolidating under the key figure. Crude Oil tested $90 but failed to hold above the figure and range traded for the rest of the day below.

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