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Monday, 19 September 2011 07:10

Asia Session Recap

We saw a very similar start of the week for the EUR/USD, with the pair gapping a big figure lower on the open due to continued pessimistic information from Europe. The EUR/USD opened near 1.3690, over a 100 pips off of Friday's close of 1.3796. This is the second Monday in a row that this pair has gapped lower on the open due to unflattering data over the weekend. This weekend's disappointing news was the lack of any solid outcome from the EU Finance Ministers meeting regarding the current credit troubles across the Euro Zone, most notably in Greece. Adding to the poor sentiment in the single European currency was the fact that the Greek Prime Minister cancelled a visit to the US, prompting many to surmise that a default in the nation was looming. Add to this mix the fact that Chancellor Merkel's ruling party is faring poorly in local election, and the stage was set for a risk off day.

The major currencies all gapped lower and continued lower over the course of the session. The EUR/USD eventually broke under 1.3650, which was the bottom of a 50 pip range; The AUD/USD did not fare as well, opening 60 pips lower from Friday's 1.0361 close and continuing to lows just shy of 1.0210. The GBP/USD followed the same path, gapping 50 pips lower to 1.5730 and seeing eventual lows to 1.5685…Stop losses in both currencies helped to accelerate the moves lower.

With no real data released today and Japan out for a bank holiday, the USD/JPY pair was dormant between 76.85 and 76.98 for the better part of the day. The holiday couldn't dampen the risk adverse moves that sent the yen crosses lower though. The EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY and AUD/JPY all saw heavy losses, seeing drops of 100, 65 and 100 pips from Friday's close respectively. Equities across Asia averaged losses near -1.50% to add to the risk adverse climate.

With virtually no data ahead in London, expect moves to be initiated from comments and news articles pertaining to the current debt troubles and potential default of Greece.

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