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Friday, 25 November 2011 11:07

Forex Arbitrage: Why Arbitrage In Forex Trading?

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A forex trading strategy that is commonly used by the traders to make a marginal profit by exploiting the inefficiency in currency pairs in a short span of time is known as forex arbitrage. Many forex traders believe that arbitrage strategy is risk free compared to many other forex trading strategies.

Arbitrage is buying an item at a low price in a market and reselling it at a higher price in a different market. For arbitrage to happen at least one of the two conditions mentioned below has to happen.

(a) The same product is not traded at the same price in the various world markets.

It is calculated using online forex arbitrage calculator. To calculate the forex rates the speculator should have the accessibility to real-time pricing quotes. The forex trader should have the ability to make quick transactions because there are many forex arbiters in the market.

In two-way arbitrage only two different currencies are involved. In two-way currency arbitrage, the trading happens when there are two different currency brokers offering two different prices for the currency you wish to sell.

The different prices or the spreads imply that there is at least a small difference in the quote given by the two brokers. A shrewd trader would use this opportunity to make a profit. However, remember that this opportunity is short lived and you should constantly monitor the market movements and keep a check on the general flow of events like that.

To deal with three-way forex arbitrage you need to have a deeper understanding of the forex market. The reason is it is tougher and requires an understanding of exchange rates. Three-way arbitrage is done when the ratios of the exchange rates of three currencies do not match.

The forex traders need to know that the value of the currency of a nation is based on the economic state of that nation. Forex arbitrage is a trading strategy that is the result of inconsistencies of trading systems. The trade shows inconsistencies when the currencies show a different rate patterns.

A shrewd forex trader would be quick to notice the rate patterns of the currencies. He would be quick to grab the advantage of the fluctuation and thereby buys the currencies with lower valuation. These currencies are then sold to other traders who need the currency at a higher value.

You can take the advantage of this arbitrage opportunity if you monitor the market very closely. This will help to spot the discrepancies in the currency values and take advantage of the market situation. Ensure that you have special trading software programs installed in your computer that are designed to watch out for this arbitrage opportunity.

Eventually, forex arbitrage should be used as a part of your overall forex strategy as it can be hard to produce enough profit to make it worth your while. For you to be able to constantly generate income from forex trading, you have to be able to shell out a big margin. For traders, the wisest way to make profit out of forex arbitrage is by using it as a small part of the chosen strategy for forex trading instead of relying on it for their entire income.

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