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See, there are some very high accuracy bond trading methods out there, some that I've developed myself. But the latest discovery by my good friend and trading colleague Jason Fielder is an entirely different approach that is a genuine game changer...


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See, today I've got a very different question for you that could change EVERYTHING... What if you could completely remove that risk and KNOW your pip gain the instant you place your trade? This isn't hype and I'm not being silly, though I could barely believe my eyes when I heard about what a top trader colleague of mine discovered...


Forex Arbitrage Software Review and Download. Winning System by Anthony Trister

This insane piece of software actually uses predictive forecasting to identify trades, figuring out the stop loss and exit points, and managing risk. The combined power of Jason Bond Picks system and forex arbitrage software ...

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010 13:49

Instant FX Profits Review

Written by  Ron Daulton
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I must update you on this very important announcement made by our Sage of Forex Trading, Mr. Kishore M.

Yesterday, I received an email from Mr. Kishore M about the worldwide launch of his Instant FX Profits online coaching course on 3rd April 2010, 0:01am Eastern Time Zone.

This much anticipated & highly acclaimed Instant FX Profits online coaching course is finally coming to us soon. His official website for this global launch has started with a time clock COUNTING DOWN now

Visit Instant FX Profits Home Page

In Mr. Kishore M's email, he told that he has condensed his over-a-decade forex trading experience, intensive seminar contents, and all time-tested & proven forex profit strategies into this Instant FX Profits online coaching course. To live up to his high standard for this 2010 global launch, he makes sure every single bit of his knowledge, skills & experience for more than 10 years are included inside this coaching course.

Despite remarkable achievements he gained in January 2009 global launch, he & his team never get complacent with this achievement &continue to improve the content, quality & values inside the online coaching course. New powerful & updated forex trading strategies are added also. Instant FX Profits online course is deemed to be the best Forex Trading course in the world.

AND it is the world's ONLY forex trading course that is CERTIFIED by a tertiary institution, Metropolitan Business School of United Kingdom (MBS). It is NOT an academic course on theory. It is a coaching course that Mr. Kishore M shows you step by step how to profit from LIVE forex market using his proprietary trading strategies.

Remember the exact date & exact time of his launch: 3rd April 2010, 00:01am Eastern Time Zone.

Visit Instant FX Profits Home Page
Here's 10 HIGHLIGHTS of Instant FX Profits online coaching course:

#1. You get to learn 10 proven forex profit strategies in step-by-step videos, includes propriety trending strategy which are highly guarded in the investment industry.

Main profit strategies include:
~ Instant Pip Profit Strategy
Note: a student made more than 1000% profits using this strategy

~ 100% Accuracy Profit Strategy
Note: 100% winning trades for a specific currency pair each month

~ Non Farm Payroll Profit Strategy
Note: To profit from monthly statistic of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

~ Pip Breakout Explosive Profit Strategy
Note: 350% profits within half a day

~ Pip Maximizer Strategy

~ Pip Divergence Strategy

~ Pip Retracement Strategy

#2. The trading strategies inside are tested and proven over a decade of Kishore's trading & training experience in forex. To him, complacency is not an option. The lifetime membership area is ever improving with strategy updates & addition of new contents.

#3. Instant FX Profits online course is 2-3 times less than actual cost of live workshop. It is cheaper, more convenient and you learn everything at your own pace.
Mr. Kishore M is now giving a chance to let anyone access his complete trading materials & more than 20 hours of trading strategy videos. During this global launch 2010, he is giving out 5 figure-worth of bonuses if they were to purchase separately.

#4. No other training materials needed with this jam-packed training course.
Do you know that most forex trading courses require you to buy their "upsells" in order to learn more? On the front, they give you a low price but at the backend, they will upsell you on the basis that the previous course is not complete.
You do NOT need to buy anything else with Instant FX Profits online course. It is complete, progressive and has hand-guiding session. It has all you need to become a profitable trader. No more confusion as all training materials and strategies align themselves together.

Visit Instant FX Profits Home Page

#5. Instant FX Profits course is the world's only forex online coaching course which is certified by a tertiary institution, Metropolitan Business School of United Kingdom (MBS).

#6. Lifetime updates to all materials through membership area. You will get constant updates from Kishore on his trading systems,strategies and other news. In fact, Kishore started with less than a few strategies and have increased them to 10 now. They are meant
for you to make profits from various types of timeframes and market conditions.

#7. Any age group or background can pick up the training materials to make money. Do you agree that trading becomes profitable when it is simple and systematic to execute? This is the objective that Instant FX Profits online coaching course has adopted. They are the reasons why students like retirees and senior elderly are making good money in the market. If they can do it, so can you!

#8. Free charting website for you with all the setup parameters that Kishore personally uses To trade profitably with someone's trading system, it is the best if we follow exactly what he does. You get free access to his charting website with all his setups. You will get the exact entry and exit points from those setups. No more trading dilemmas from human interpretation. Its either you take the trade or not.

#9. Access to Daily Alerts for one year to help traders to trade confidently. This component alone is worth at least 2x of the course price.
Don't believe? Check around reputable forex websites that provides trading signal services. They easily charge from $199 to $399 per month. And you are getting this service from a master trader, Kishore M, free for 1 year. Moreover, reading the Daily FX Alerts help you understand how Kishore trades. You become more confident when you realize how simple and profitable trading is with his trading strategies.

#10. Lifetime chat support & email support. When you become a member of Instant FX Profits, you become their lifetime member. Most forex websites only recognized you as Current-Paid or Non-Paid member. You don't get access to their websites materials after you stop paying. That is the cold truth.

I know you can not wait to have his official launch website being LIVE. I know because I feel the same. However, we can only check out the website again sharply on 3 April 2010, 00:01am Eastern Time Zone >>

According to Mr. Kishore M, all the details will be revealed on his official launch website on the launching date.

According to Mr. Kishore M, there are highly exclusive bonuses included only for this coming launch. The bad news is that ONLY first 196 fast action takers are entitled to it. More info on this will be released!

Visit Instant FX Profits Home Page

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