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See, there are some very high accuracy bond trading methods out there, some that I've developed myself. But the latest discovery by my good friend and trading colleague Jason Fielder is an entirely different approach that is a genuine game changer...


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See, today I've got a very different question for you that could change EVERYTHING... What if you could completely remove that risk and KNOW your pip gain the instant you place your trade? This isn't hype and I'm not being silly, though I could barely believe my eyes when I heard about what a top trader colleague of mine discovered...


Forex Arbitrage Software Review and Download. Winning System by Anthony Trister

This insane piece of software actually uses predictive forecasting to identify trades, figuring out the stop loss and exit points, and managing risk. The combined power of Jason Bond Picks system and forex arbitrage software ...

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Tuesday, 08 March 2011 17:51

Forex Combo System - New GBPUSD version released

Written by  Ron Daulton
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New GBPUSD version released!

The designers of one of the most successful automated trading system ever released.  Announce few days ago that a new version of FOREX COMBO SYSTEM specifically designed for the currency pair GBPUSD is now available to all our customers who have purchased FOREX COMBO SYSTEM and those who will buy it in the future.

What makes FOREX COMBO SYSTEM a genuine winner as an expert system?

1. FOREX COMBO SYSTEM Scalp Strategy and FOREX COMBO SYSTEM Trend Strategy trades only when a sufficiently strong and purposeful market movement is detected.
2. FOREX COMBO SYSTEM is designed to scan and find the best trading opportunities for you on autopilot.
3. The unique logic applied to exiting positions prevents frequent StopLoss activation. This logic allows positions to close, even at a loss, so long as current prices are statistically favourable.
4. The opportunity of applying highly effective automatic money management.
5. FOREX COMBO SYSTEM very rarely opens positions in periods of sharp price fluctuation (gaps) which makes FOREX COMBO SYSTEM positions much less likely to suffer from broker slippage.
6. FOREX COMBO SYSTEM has been uncompromisingly tested over a ten-year historical period, as well as in live trials lasting several months. This testing has showed FOREX COMBO SYSTEM to be a stable winner over the long term.
7. FOREX COMBO SYSTEM's Scalping Strategy has a specially developed and highly effective position exit which helps close 80 per cent of positions at optimum profit, while a part of them close at minimum loss. This way StopLoss intervention is mostly prevented.

New promotional code for $30 discount available, for all your visitors:

Coupon code: NMCD30 - Expiration date: 31 March 2011

Here is a proven system that trades more like a professional trader. This is an exciting new type of automated forex system. FOREX COMBO SYSTEM is a brilliant forex robot that adapts to the market. With FOREX COMBO SYSTEM you get 3 completely separate robots with 3 totally unique systems and different styles of trading for the price of one! Buying  FOREX COMBO SYSTEM, you get three proven-winner trading systems for the price of one. The three trading systems programmed into  FOREX COMBO SYSTEM are mutually complementary and make excellent use of purposeful market movements.

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